Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I think I'm going to have to finally once and for all get rid of Facebook. Last night before I went to sleep I got this epiphany that I needed to go the next day without going on just seems like a huge waste of time anymore and is sapping my artistic ambitions...I just find myself reading everyone else's shit, becoming angry when I see some crazy post about something I don't agree at all with, and am constantly going in OCD circles on the thing. So my intent last night was to put a post it note on my computer reminding me not to go on there, but I got distracted and didn't do it. Where do you think the first place I went to this morning was after I sat down at my computer? It's an addiction, and most of all when I run into my friends any "What have you been up to?" inquiries are total bullshit, because I know exactly what you've been up to because it's all on there. And I cringe whenever I say "Did you see that video I posted on facebook the other day." or feel like a stalker if I say "Hey, I saw what you posted the other day.". The thing that keeps me on there is that I've convinced myself that it somehow helps my career to be on there, but to this day I have never been handed a job opportunity through Facebook. I have a fan page connected to my profile, but in the 5 years I've had it haven't managed to break a thousand fans, so I'm really weighing the pros and cons. Pros - social interaction - keep in touch with my friends - be able to post new work on a whim - let people know about ebay auctions and items when they go on sale - cat pictures Cons - huge waste of time - unnecessary drama that my personality tends to absorb - get in arguments that never end - ruins any surprise conversations with my friends

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