Saturday, February 9, 2013

2nd post same as the...wait that doesn't rhyme.

So right before stopping here I was looking at some of Art Adam illustrations....Jesus christ are they good....I've loved his work since I was a little kid when I bought either an X-men or New Mutants annual featuring X-babies or something, then of course loved his Longshot series. But I look at his work and I feel really SMALL and understand he is working on a completely different level than me. I really need to get my ass in gear. I mean it's too late for me to decide to be a comic book illustrator and I've always weighed the pros and cons of doing that anyway...I've thought about becoming a tattoo artist, but in the end felt like I really wouldn't belong in that world (especially since don't have tattoos) but also didn't want to have to start from scratch. I don't know what I'm getting at, I guess I just don't know where my artwork would fit in the best and I thought I would know that be now. Over the years I've kind of just gone where the winds have carried me - someone will contact me and be like "have you ever thought of doing ___________ with your art?" and it's usually something that never crossed my mind (rock posters, Hot Wheels, motorcycle helmets, etc.). But I would like to have an actual plan for once, so hopefully in these writings I can zero in on that, rather then aimlessly wander the earth (my computer and art desk). Let's see what have I been up to lately? FINALLY working on a skateboard design for KARVT. It's been two years of sketches, scrapped ideas, false starts, etc. and I'm now staring at the final design (minus some tweaking) on my computer. Also created a sticker design for a barber named Sailor Jon. The theme was an old school tattoo and I had a lot of fun working on it...reminded me of my days doing tattoo flash. Next up working on some portraits for a client of his daughter, a t-shirt design for robthebank I promised them, and a character illustration for a beard growing contest. The last couple months I haven't really felt like doing art that much and I think I'm kind of stuck in this thinking that I have to be in a good mood/feeling productive in order to do work lest I risk coming up with something shitty, thus exposing me for the fraud I know I remember a time where creating art literally felt like love was coming through my fingertips and out my was a good feeling and had to be or else I wouldn't have stuck with it so long. But lately, it's like it feels like pulling teeth just trying to put pencil to paper and I can't figure out what changed. OH BOO WHOO. I have a solo show coming up sometime in June...I've been batting some ideas around in my head for a theme, but realizing I won't have the time to do one central theme and fill up the I'm listing past projects I've done since my last solo show to at least fill up some of the space and then I'm going to have different series that revolve around various themes. One idea I had was for a series called "Childish things" and it will involve elements from things I loved as a child and still get me nostalgic when I see them (toy packaging, video game cabinet art, roller rink wall painting, etc.). But the plan is to compile a bunch of shit, put it in a "blender" and come up with something new.....stay tuned.

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